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Frequently asked questions

Free WebSite Studio is free to use for any project. You can use it for personal or non-profit or commercial web sites.

We don't use some cheap tricks to full our customers. Free WebSite Studio is free without hidden costs.

Yes! Free WebSite Studio web builder is funded by our amazing and generous users and supporters! We are humbled and honored by your donations, and We look forward to improving and growing Free WebSite Studio with these funds! Thank you so much for your support and donations!

Because Free WebSite Studio is free many people ask this question, but Free WebSite Studio will be free forever!

You can donate via Pay Pal or credit card or via Bitcoin. We prefer monthly donation.

Free WebSite Studio is easy to understand and use, but we are made tutorial videos for a better understanding of how Free Website Studio works. If you have some to ask please send us an email.

No, web hosting is not included. You have all freedom to publish your work everywhere you want.

No. You can add unlimited pages and upload unlimited images within your project.

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It's Free!

We have all kind of magic in our app!

This app is so easy to use...

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