If you can use kids building blocks, you can use this app!

A powerful online app for creating responsive websites using the Bootstrap framework.

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Free Website Studio is a cross-platform web builder, with support for Windows, Mac and Linux Windows. Get started and use Free Website Studio right now.

Edit Layout

Drag and drop containers, rows, columns or elements from Free Website Studio to your layout. It's easy to start making web sites.

Move & Rearange

Quickly rearange your layout, change positions of elements with simple mouse commands - create, move and delete.

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Always Responsive!

Free Website Studio is based on Twitter Bootstrap framework, and every layout you made will be responsive.

No programming

No programming knowledge required. Just drag and drop with the mouse, and the Free Website Studio will do the rest.

No installation

Free Website Studio is online application. You just need any kind of computer and internet to start working.

About FREE! Website Studio

A modern web site must be responsive. To achieve this in most cases the Twitter Bootstrap framework is used. Web designers and web developers have tried bootstrap on millions of sites that already exist and work. However, every web designer who makes a site look also needs a developer to decode it. This job is necessary for the site to exist, but it can be done automatically. FREE! does just that. So in FREE! make the site design the way you want it. Set the layout in an obvious way, using only a mouse and without any restrictions then fill that layout with bootstrap elements. When filling in, you have at your disposal all the tools you are used to existing if you would write the code manually but FREE it! writes for you. Best features FREE! are:

  • Making a layout without any restrictions.
  • Styling the layout field with the commands: padding, margin, border
  • Styling the layout field with a choice of color or image
  • The stylization of all bootstrap parameters (choice of colors, sizes, fonts) for each bootstrap element separately

All this is done only with the help of a mouse and drag and drop. Programming knowledge is not required.

Ooohh, do we say that FREE! is FREE?

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What Makes Free Website Studio Different?

It's Free!

We have all kind of magic in our app!

This app is so easy to use...

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