If you can use kids building blocks, you can use this app!

A powerful online app for creating responsive websites using the Bootstrap framework.

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Free Website Studio is a cross-platform web builder, with support for Windows, Mac and Linux Windows. Get started and use Free Website Studio right now.

Edit Layout

Drag and drop containers, rows, columns or elements from Free Website Studio to your layout. It's easy to start making web sites.

Move & Rearange

Quickly rearange your layout, change positions of elements with simple mouse commands - create, move and delete.

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Always Responsive!

Free Website Studio is based on Twitter Bootstrap framework, and every layout you made will be responsive.

No programming

No programming knowledge required. Just drag and drop with the mouse, and the Free Website Studio will do the rest.

No installation

Free Website Studio is online application. You just need any kind of computer and internet to start working.

About FREE! Website Studio

A modern web site must be responsive. To achieve this in most cases the Twitter Bootstrap framework is used. Web designers and web developers have tried bootstrap on millions of sites that already exist and work. However, every web designer who makes a site look also needs a developer to decode it. This job is necessary for the site to exist, but it can be done automatically. FREE! does just that. So in FREE! make the site design the way you want it. Set the layout in an obvious way, using only a mouse and without any restrictions then fill that layout with bootstrap elements. When filling in, you have at your disposal all the tools you are used to existing if you would write the code manually but FREE it! writes for you. Best features FREE! are:

  • Making a layout without any restrictions.
  • Styling the layout field with the commands: padding, margin, border
  • Styling the layout field with a choice of color or image
  • The stylization of all bootstrap parameters (choice of colors, sizes, fonts) for each bootstrap element separately

All this is done only with the help of a mouse and drag and drop. Programming knowledge is not required.

Ooohh, did we say that FREE! is FREE?

What can you expect from WebSite Studio?

For starters, everything you do will have a Twitter Bootstap framework under the hood, which further means that your site will be well adapted for viewing on the widest range of devices.

You will be able to make even the most complicated layout very easily. (For those who don't know, layout is like arranging boxes on your screen where certain content will be. Boxes are practically the boundaries where the content is and the content itself can be very different. From the usual ones such as titles, texts, pictures , links to much more glamorous ones such as sliders, animations and videos.)

Free Website Studio has a built-in very powerful yet very easy to use media query manager. Think of honey query as a screen size. Depending on which screen is recognized by your website, this media query will be turned on to display the same content meaningfully and differently on all screen sizes. You can fine-tune how your layout will be displayed on the smallest mobile phones, tablets, desktop monitors or the largest jumbo TV screens.

If after changing the layout you change your mind and want to rearrange your layout by changing the number of columns or rows, you will call a part of the program called "Row Setter" and there you will change the number of columns in a row as you see fit.

If you think that some part of your website doesn't make sense to be displayed on a certain screen size (say a video that looks really nice on the big screen, you don't want it to be seen when people visit your site via mobile phones because it will load slower or people don't consume megabytes while on the mobile network) just go to the “Visibility” section and turn off the visibility of a segment in a certain view.

After creating a layout that serves as a skeleton to which you will add various visual deacons to make the site more beautiful, it is your turn to create a theme for your site. The theme in the bootstrap world is the "suit" in which your site is trained. So, the theme determines the color or background image, the color of the letters on the site, the color and type of links. In short, the overall design of the building elements of your site is determined by the bootstrap theme. This allows you to create the entire site and then, if desired, just change the parameters of the theme and that affects the overall look of the site.

Working in a Free Website studio is very simple and does not require any programming knowledge. Everything is done with the help of a mouse and drag and drop techniques. You take the element you want, drag it to the screen and that's it. Additional settings of the element are again done with the help of the mouse and clicking on one of the offered sliders or buttons.

Within the program there is a whole series of "bricks" from which blocks are built. Bricks or bricks are bootstrap building blocks that are used to make more complex blocks called elements. Let's say a bootstrap has a block element called a "card". Depending on your needs, the card can have:

  • Title (Heading)
  • Some text (Paragraph)
  • Photo (Image)
  • Button

Free Website Studio allows you to arrange them in the way you need and to use them multiple times and to modify them in a very simple way.

Free Website Studio has all the usual options you would expect from a program like this. You can save the project to load later and continue to modify it according to your needs. You can export the project directly to the code that will be the site on the remote server. When exporting the website you created with FWS, you have the opportunity to enter all the parameters that will help you better optimize your site for the so-called. SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

A good tool usually has a justifiably high price. Free Website Studio is an exception here. This great website design tool is free! Not only do you pay nothing to use the program but you don’t even need to register. You go to https://freewebsitestudio.com/free_app/index.html and start working on the program and that's it. Everything you do in this application is yours and you can use this site in personal, non-profit and commercial projects without any restrictions. The license does not even require a mandatory link. You simply export the watch from the app and use whatever you find suits you.

We are obliged to mention that this application would not have been possible without the libraries and applications we used while creating FreeWebsite Studio. The entire application is written using only the following technologies:

  • HTML,
  • CSS
  • Javascript

From libraries and applications were used:

  • Twitter Bootstrap
  • Jquery
  • Bootstrap Magic
  • Color Picker
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What Makes Free Website Studio Different?

It's Free!

We have all kind of magic in our app!

This app is so easy to use...

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